Celebrating the Blaugrana Spirit: Nike FC Barcelona x Patta Collection

The Beating Heart of a Football Club

The lifeblood of any football club is its fans. And there’s no club on Earth with a more passionate following than FC Barcelona. As they say, “Més que un club” – more than a club. This season, Nike is celebrating the heart and soul of FC Barcelona with a special collaboration that unites the old and the new, the past and the present. The Nike FC Barcelona x Patta collection is more than just sportswear. It’s a testament to the enduring love and connection that fans feel for this iconic football institution.

Celebrating the Blaugrana Spirit: Nike FC Barcelona x Patta Collection, Sneakerize.gr

Innovative Streetwear Meets Football

When it comes to innovative streetwear, Patta is a name that stands out. It was a natural choice for Nike and FC Barcelona to partner with Patta to bring a bold and graphic philosophy from the streets to the pitch. This collaboration also pays tribute to the rich history of Dutch players who have graced the Barcelona team over the past 50 years. Patta’s founders, Guillaume Schmidt and Edson Sabajo, share Dutch-Surinamese roots, highlighting the deep connection between the Netherlands and Barcelona.

The Heart of a Culer

The true essence of being a Culer, a FC Barcelona fan, is the shared Barça blood that runs through the veins of supporters worldwide. Patta’s creative director, Vincent van de Waal, worked closely with Nike and to visualize this concept. The collection features graphics inspired by the human heart and circulatory system, symbolizing the Blaugrana pulse that unites Culers across the globe. This idea is beautifully expressed through apparel, including jerseys, hoodies, T-shirts, and a limited-edition Air Max Plus shoe, all adorned with Barça-inspired colorways.

Where to Get Your Blaugrana Gear

The Nike FC Barcelona x Patta collection is set to drop on October 13th. Whether you’re a long-time fan who’s been following the club for decades or a newcomer eager to embrace the Blaugrana spirit, this collection is designed to connect everyone to their shared love for FC Barcelona. You can find the collection online, at Patta stores, and on the SNKRS app. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to wear your passion for the club with pride!

In addition to the main collection, there are exclusive Patta logo pre-match jerseys available on patta.nl and in Patta stores. Additionally, there will be Spotify logo pre-match jerseys available on various platforms. Get ready to show your support for FC Barcelona in style with the Nike FC Barcelona x Patta collection. A true celebration of the heart and soul of this legendary football club.

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Celebrating the Blaugrana Spirit: Nike FC Barcelona x Patta Collection

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