Clever, Intelligent, Mischievous: PUMA x Gremlins Collection Is Here

In a tribute to 80s nostalgia, PUMA has joined forces with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to unveil the PUMA x Gremlins Hoops Capsule Collection. The collaboration pays homage to the classic 1984 movie, offering a unique blend of fashion and film that transcends traditional sneaker design. The standout feature of this collection is the mismatched All-Pro NITRO. In detail, the visual masterpiece depicts Gizmo on one shoe and Gremlin leader Stripe on the other. Symbolizing the eternal battle between good and evil, these shoes are not only a fashion statement but a vivid representation of iconic characters and the duality of their nature. With intricate details like two heads on the back of the shoes and mismatched colors, the collection captures the essence of the Gremlins movie, creating a must-have for both sneaker enthusiasts and film aficionados.

Captivating Aesthetics and Cutting-Edge Technology

The PUMA x Gremlins Hoops Capsule Collection goes beyond aesthetics, integrating cutting-edge technology into its design. The All-Pro NITRO™ silhouette ensures superior support and comfort, thanks to PUMA’s innovative NITROFOAM™ technology. Engineered mesh on the upper enhances breathability and flexibility, making these shoes not only visually striking but also functional for various activities. Additionally, the furry tongue, reminiscent of the adorable Mogwai, adds a playful touch to the design, reinforcing the connection to the film. Additionally, the distinctive label on the tongue ensures both authenticity and style. The bottom of the shoes, adorned with scratch marks, pays homage to the mischievous Gremlins, providing an element of intrigue that enhances the overall appeal of the collection.

Puma x Gremlins Collections,

Fashion Meets Fantasy: The Complete Capsule Collection

The PUMA x Gremlins Collection extends beyond footwear, offering a comprehensive capsule that includes a Gremlins-inspired hoodie, tees, and sweatpants. Embracing the magic of the 80s, this collection invites fans to relive the adventure of the iconic film while incorporating the latest trends in streetwear. The PUMA x Gremlins Hoops Capsule Collection is set to launch globally on December 8th, with prices ranging from 45€ to 140€. Available at, PUMA stores, and select retailers worldwide, this collection invites individuals to step into a world where fashion meets fantasy, and mischief seamlessly coexists with comfort.

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Clever, Intelligent, Mischievous: PUMA x Gremlins Collection Is Here

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