PUMA X VIVID VISIONS: A Sustainable Fusion of Fashion and Innovation

Global sports giant PUMA has joined forces with US upcycler Andrew Burgess and his brand VIVID VISIONS. Together they unveil an experimental capsule collection that pushes the boundaries of sustainable fashion. In a bold move, Andrew crafted five designs exclusively from PUMA’s recycled polyester RE:FIBRE fabric. With this in mind, he showcases a commitment to circular fashion that transforms old garments into new. As a result, he echoes the infinite possibilities of textile recycling.

A Futuristic Ode to Retro Roots

The collaboration unfolds with a stunning photo shoot set against the backdrop of London’s iconic York Hall Leisure Centre. Seamlessly blending futuristic fashion design with retro sports nostalgia, the art direction pays homage to PUMA’s roots. The collection not only reflects PUMA’s dedication to sustainable textile innovation but also Andrews’ expertise in repurposing unwanted and damaged clothes. The garments, repeated in creative imagery, symbolize the continuous cycle of circular fashion, where old textiles find new life over and over again.

From Turkey’s Factories to Capsule Collection Creation

Andrew Burgess drew inspiration from PUMA’s factory partners during a transformative visit to Turkey. Witnessing the strides PUMA has taken in scaling up circular textile technology, Andrew went on to produce his bespoke RE:FIBRE fabric from recycled polyester garments. Reflecting on this experience, Andrew expressed, “Seeing the innovation, research, machinery, sustainable practices and production that goes into crafting RE:FIBRE fabric was eye-opening.”

RE:FIBRE: From Shredded to Reimagined

The collection tells the story of the RE:FIBRE recycling process, with designs embodying the shredded, depolymerised, repolymerised, and reimagined textiles. Andrew shares his excitement, stating, “My brand VIVID VISIONS is all about blending the past with the future, so working with PUMA to create a one-off collection made from a ‘new’ recycled fabric was pretty cool”. The fabric strips on the sleeves represent the RE:FIBRE yarn, while cut-off trousers and jackets symbolize the transformative process.

Closing the Loop: PUMA’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

This unique fashion experiment is the culmination of the ongoing collaboration between PUMA and Andrew Burgess, part of PUMA’s Voices of A RE:GENERATION initiative. The custom PUMA x VIVID VISIONS collection serves as the final chapter in Andrew’s Thread the Loop campaign, aligning with PUMA’s commitment to achieving “100% of product polyester used, coming from textile waste”. As PUMA scales up its textile recycling innovation, the brand sets a groundbreaking precedent by manufacturing official football replica jerseys. That includes those for prestigious tournaments like the Euro and Copa América, using RE:FIBRE recycled materials. This bold move exemplifies PUMA’s dedication to a circular business model and sustainable fashion for a brighter future.

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PUMA X VIVID VISIONS: A Sustainable Fusion of Fashion and Innovation

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