Celebrating Virgil Abloh’s Legacy: The Second Annual Abloh Skate Invitational in Miami

In the heart of Miami, a four-day extravaganza during Art Week last December paid tribute to Virgil Abloh’s enduring creative influence. Rooted in Abloh’s distinctive design principles, the event showcased his Codes, making his work instantly recognizable. Building on the success of the previous year, Virgil Abloh Securities and Architecture c/o Virgil Abloh™, in collaboration with Nike, presents the second annual Abloh Invitational, a testament to Abloh’s dedication to the global skate community.

Skate Culture Unleashed: 2023 Abloh Skateboarding Invitational

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami, the 2023 Abloh Skateboarding Invitational, in partnership with Nike, promises an exhilarating experience. The event extends beyond conventional boundaries, featuring freeriding sessions, the best trick competition, and a free public skate session. Shannon Abloh, CEO of Virgil Abloh Securities, emphasizes Virgil’s deep connection to skate culture. Thus shaping his worldview and inspiring his commitment to fostering a community that transcends generations, backgrounds, and brand affiliations.

Community at the Core: FREE GAME Initiative

Central to Virgil’s creative philosophy was community service, a principle upheld in the Abloh Invitational’s “FREE GAME” initiative. Mirroring Virgil’s open-source ethos, the program dedicates a full day to community programming. Young creatives gain exclusive access to workshops, clinics, tutorials, training sessions, and discussions with industry leaders at the intersection of global design, art, and skate. This initiative echoes Virgil’s legacy of actively nurturing the next generation of creatives around the world.

Legacy Lives On: Terra Forma Launch and Beyond

The Invitational sets the stage for the release of two new colorways of the Off-White™ x Nike Terra Forma footwear. Furthermore, the drop will be accompanied by a corresponding apparel collection on December 21. Originally launched in 2022, the Terra Forma silhouette holds special significance as the first Nike sneaker designed from scratch by Virgil and Nike designers. As Leo Sandino-Taylor, Nike’s VP of Catalyst Brand Management, notes, the event celebrates a community where participation and partnership thrive, echoing Virgil’s dynamic blending of art, fashion, culture, music, and sport.

In a world where diverse voices converge, the Second Annual Abloh Skate Invitational serves as a tribute to Virgil’s legacy. It encourages new generations to carry forth his creative spirit. Whether on a skateboard or in the open canvas of the mind, the event invites everyone to lift, riff, and become part of the ongoing conversation. Follow @arch____itecture for more updates and join the celebration of Virgil Abloh’s impact on the global skate community.

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Celebrating Virgil Abloh’s Legacy: The Second Annual Abloh Skate Invitational in Miami

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