Nike SB and Converse Unveil 2024 USA Skateboarding Kit and Footwear

Nike SB and Converse have joined forces, enlisting Converse CONS team rider Alexis Sablone to craft striking skateboarding federation kits for the United States and Japan, along with a special kit that embodies the essence of skate culture.

A Fusion of Style and Influence

The 2024 federation kits are more than uniforms. They’re a vibrant blend of skateboarding’s influence and inclusivity. Designed to empower skaters on and off the board, these kits celebrate individuality and creativity.

Designing with Purpose

Alexis Sablone, a skater and designer with Olympic experience, brings her unique vision to the collections. Drawing from her deep roots in skate culture, she reimagines classic pieces like bowler shirts and denim pants, offering skaters a range of styles to express themselves.

Crafting a Global Narrative

The crests designed by Alexis for the USA and Japanese kits weave together the essence of each country with skateboarding spirit. From celebrating California’s skateboarding heritage to embracing global diversity, the crests tell stories of pride and connectivity.

Footwear: Where Form Meets Function

Complementing the kits are two limited-edition footwear styles: Alexis’ signature Converse CONS AS-1 Pro and a Nike SB Dunk Low. These shoes not only boast innovative designs inspired by chameleons but also reflect the essence of the federation collection.

In conclusion, Nike SB and Converse’s 2024 USA Skateboarding Kit and Footwear collection is a testament to the boundless creativity and diversity within the skateboarding community. With Alexis Sablone at the helm, these pieces celebrate the past, present, and future of skate culture, inviting skaters worldwide to embrace their individuality with pride.

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Nike SB and Converse Unveil 2024 USA Skateboarding Kit and Footwear

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