Terms of use

Please read carefully the following information for your consideration.


  • Where ” website ” means this website.
  • Where ” data ” means all the data contained on the website, such as, for example, any table, diagram, information, report, analysis, text, photo, and any other element on the website.
  • Where ” user ” means every visitor to the site.
  • Where ” use ” means access to, study, advice, storage or other recording in memory or other magnetic or non-magnetic means, installation in any way, mechanical or otherwise, including printing, of the Website’s data.
  • Where ” Beneficiary ” means the ” Kartel Agency ” company, the creator of the Site and all of its Content, or the legitimate user of any of the Data that is not its original intellectual creations.

Please read carefully the following items which are internationally recognized terms and conditions for accessing and using the web pages. The use of all data is made by the user of the site, free of charge and without any direct or indirect charge or obligation, but is subject to the following terms, rules and conditions:


1. Ownership and copyright

All rights, benefits and claims from and on the data belong exclusively to the rightholder and / or to the legally listed partners, unless expressly stated otherwise. The rightholder retains at any time and in any case the intellectual, as well as any other, rights to such data, as well as to all subsequent copies thereof, in whatever form they are.

2. License

The permission to use the data is strictly personal and exclusive, and is governed by the terms set forth herein. Only the personal use of the data is allowed and in no case may anyone use it for any purpose other than its personal use in any way (electronic, mechanical or otherwise), such as, but not limited to, republishing them in whole or in part, or paraphrase them, and create derivative works that will be wholly or partly based on them, in a manner different from that expressly set forth herein and / or by law, without the prior express permission of the rightholder.

3. Liability for compensation

The data are purely advisory, informative and purposeful, and are constantly updated and modified. The recipient of the data is in no way responsible for damages or remedies of any direct or indirect loss and damage or damage, even in the future.

4. Advertisements

The site contains ads, as well as viewing other material with promotional content, purpose, and character. The recipient has no liability whatsoever to any user or any third party who may be deemed to be affected for any illegal act or omission, inaccuracy or inability to comply with the laws and regulations of any country or the European Union in relation to the content of the advertisements. The recipient is not required to examine or examine the legality or otherwise of the promotional material displayed on the website (apart from the obvious cases of legal violation that would be perceived by the average wise citizen) and therefore can not be imputed to it in any form responsibility. This responsibility lies with advertisers.

5. Connect to other e-mail addresses

The site provides direct access to other websites and / or e-mail addresses in the content of which the rightholder can not intervene and therefore, of course, bears no responsibility whatsoever or provides any guarantee of their content.

6. Newsletters

The site sends newsletters to registered users or anyone else who has indicated they want it through a specific opt-in. All recipients of the newsletter can be deleted from the service via a special mechanism, a link to which is in each message. The content of the newsletter is determined by the editorial team of the website and may include third party messages.

7. Publish content by users

SNEAKERIZE.GR provides users with the ability to publish content such as text, images, and videos at various points of the site. This content is and remains the sole responsibility of the user who posted it and who remains solely responsible for it.

In order to have the right to post comments and topics in SNEAKERIZE.GR, users are allowed to subscribe directly via their emails or through their accounts on the social networks Facebook and Twitter. In the first case, the company does not pass the user’s data to anyone else and anywhere else. In the second, the terms that each social network puts to its users apply in order to be used as an intermediary.

The user understands and accepts that this information is published without prior review by the site and that the site administrator reserves the right to remove any content published by the user.

The user understands and accepts that using the pages and services of the site may be exposed to content offensive, immoral or illegal. He also understands and accepts that the site can not be considered as embracing or being responsible for the content posted by a user.

Users understand and agree that they have the following obligations regarding the content they post on the site:

– Not to be illegal, abusive, abusive, pornographic, defamatory, racist.

– Do not aim to slander or slander persons, companies or organizations.

– Do not interfere with the proper operation of the site.

– Not to violate the personality and personal data of third parties.

– Do not violate copyrights.

– Not to be a criminal offense in any way.

– Comply with existing national, European and international legislation. In the event that a user discovers content contrary to the above, SNEAKERIZE.GR encourages him / her to contact the website in any way to report it. The content to be indicated by the user will be checked and removed if necessary.

The evaluation of content posted by other users as well as the use of this content as information is the exclusive responsibility of the user and under no circumstances should the site be held responsible for its correctness and usefulness.

8. Security

SNEAKERIZE.GR takes every possible measure to ensure the services it offers but, given the nature of the Internet, it is not responsible for any form of damage to the user from visiting the pages and the use of its services.

9. Personal data

The Beneficiary undertakes to use any personal data voluntarily made available by users to it in a manner consistent with Greek and Community law and in order to improve the services it provides to users or to identify their needs, desires and expectations.

10. Transitional provisions

Failure by the rightholder to exercise any right or power to pay damages under the law does not in any case amount to a waiver of that right. These terms are governed and interpreted by Greek law, and the Greek courts will be responsible for resolving any dispute. The rightholder, however, has the right to waive this provision and to apply or interpret these terms in accordance with the law of the user’s country and to make any disputes and / or jurisdiction of the user’s country.