Nike and Bode Rec Celebrate a Rich Tradition

For over half a century, Nike has been a stalwart supporter of athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. Now, in a new collaboration with Bode, they’re set to launch an apparel and footwear capsule that pays homage to the rich heritage of sports and recreation.

Honoring Tradition through Design

The ethos of Bode Rec. delves into the evolution of athletic wear and the character-building aspects embedded in American sports culture. Emily Bode Aujla, the founder of Bode, underscores the collection’s inspiration drawn from familial ties to team sports, student-athlete pride, and Nike’s dedication to innovation.

Reintroducing Playfulness

Through the partnership with Nike, Bode Aujla aims to infuse athletic wear with a sense of playfulness. Furthermore, Emily is looking forward to encouraging individuals to reflect on their family legacies and the core values embedded in both competitive and recreational sports. This collaboration seeks to inspire a reconnection with national identity through sport.

A Nod to History with Modern Flair

The Bode Rec. and Nike capsule collection features an array of apparel styles alongside the reintroduction of the Nike Astrograbber. The Astrograbber is a classic turf shoe with a revolutionary waffle sole. Bode Aujla’s keen eye for historical significance has led to the resurrection of this iconic footwear, bridging the gap between past and present in sports fashion.

Nike and Bode Rec Celebrate a Rich Tradition,

Connecting Communities

To further celebrate this collaboration, Bode Rec. and Nike will launch Clubhouses in New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. These spaces will serve as hubs for enthusiasts to come together, fostering connections and camaraderie around the shared love for sports and recreation. Keep an eye on @bode for more details on these exciting developments.

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Nike and Bode Rec Celebrate a Rich Tradition

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