Parris Goebel Brings Dance Vibes to the Nike Dunk Low

In an era where Nike is shifting from sponsorship to partnership, Parris Goebel, the celebrated choreographer, dancer, artist, and athlete, is making waves with her latest collaboration with the brand. Nike proudly presents the Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel Quick Strike, marking her first-ever shoe with the company. Parris is a remarkable multi-talented athlete, and her influence and creativity in the dance community are nothing short of iconic. The Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel Quick Strike is a testament to her journey from dance to design, capturing the essence of her unique style and spirit.

A Sneaker for Dancers: Versatile and Vibrant

When Parris introduced the Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel Quick Strike during the “Goddess Awakened” event, it was more than just a shoe; it was a reflection of her artistic vision. Parris chose this specific silhouette for its versatility and durability, which are essential for her fluid and expressive movements on the dance floor. As she puts it, “My choice of sneaker for dancing has always been a Nike Dunk”. To make it uniquely hers, she incorporated energetic colors – pink and turquoise – mirroring her personality and style. Parris’ choice of colors and materials strikes a balance between masculine and feminine energy. That reflects her inclusive vision, where everyone can find a piece of themselves in her creation.

Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel,

An Inclusive Dance Statement

The Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel Quick Strike isn’t just a sneaker. It’s a message of inclusivity and self-expression. Parris envisions this shoe as an opportunity for dancers to embrace their authenticity both on and off the dance floor. She emphasizes that dancers should not only communicate through movement but also through their style. “I want every dancer to feel like they can own the floor when wearing the shoe. I want them to feel bold, loud, and unapologetic. This shoe was made for you to stand out” says Parris. The Dunk Low Parris Goebel represents a momentous step in celebrating the dance community and offering them a unique platform for self-expression.

Dance, Culture, and Innovation

For Nike, the Dunk Low Parris Goebel symbolizes a vital milestone in the journey to honor and elevate the dance community. Dance, as the heartbeat of culture, is now a global force shaping trends in music, fashion, entertainment, sport, and beyond. As the fastest-growing sport for teens and young women worldwide, dance’s influence is undeniable. Nike recognizes this and continues to innovate to meet the unique style and performance needs of dancers. With its eye-catching colorway, dance-inspired Nike logo, jewel-like dubraes, and a special nod to the dance community with “5678” inscribed on the tag, the Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel Quick Strike is set to captivate not only dancers but anyone who appreciates style, athleticism, and the power of self-expression.

Mark your calendars because the Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel Quick Strike arrives on October 24 at and select retailers. This is a sneaker that encapsulates the spirit of dance, transcending the boundaries of athleticism, artistry, and individuality. Parris Goebel's creation is more than just footwear. It's a statement, a symbol of empowerment, and an invitation to own your unique style both on and off the dance floor.

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Parris Goebel Brings Dance Vibes to the Nike Dunk Low

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