adidas Originals and Sporty & Rich Unveil Their Third Collaborative Collection

This season marks a highly anticipated reunion between adidas Originals and the Los Angeles-based label, Sporty & Rich. Together they unveil their third collaborative collection continuing the legacy established in previous seasons. Their latest collaboration showcases a meticulous curation of footwear and apparel, featuring innovative interpretations of iconic adidas silhouettes. The seamless blend of both brands’ design ethos results in a collection that not only pays homage to vintage aesthetics but also serves as a tribute to the concept of comprehensive rejuvenation.

Samba OG Sporty & Rich: A Nod to Nostalgia and Luxury

At the forefront of this collaboration is the timeless Samba OG Sporty & Rich. As a result, the Samba makes a triumphant return in two essential colorways. White with burgundy accents and white with mustard yellow accents. Evoking a sense of nostalgia, each pair is adorned with a pearl key-ring, adding a touch of luxury to the classic silhouette. The sneakers are meticulously packaged in custom co-branded boxes, emphasizing the attention to detail that defines both adidas Originals and Sporty & Rich.

Stan Smith Sporty & Rich: A Creative Twist on a Classic Court Icon

The collection also introduces an imaginative take on the iconic Stan Smith. Emily Oberg, Sporty & Rich founder, infused her creative vision into the design. In detail, the Stan Smith Sporty & Rich boasts an all-white canvas construction, deviating from the traditional leather upper. Green accents, including the unmistakable Trefoil on the lateral and Sporty & Rich lettering on the tongue, breathe new life into this classic court silhouette. Complemented by a pearl key-ring and a co-branded box, the Stan Smith Sporty & Rich epitomizes the perfect marriage of heritage and contemporary design. The much-anticipated third adidas Originals x Sporty & Rich collection is set to launch on November 10th. You can find it on CONFIRMED ,,, and at select retailers.

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