PUMA’s Mostro Returns to the Spotlight at New York Fashion Week

Sports enthusiasts and fashionistas alike are in for a treat as PUMA gears up to defy conventions at New York Fashion Week. On February 8th at 8 PM, the iconic Park Avenue Armory will set the stage for a unique experience. The return of PUMA’s legendary Mostro sneaker. Originally introduced in 1999, the Mostro, is derived from the Italian word ‘monster’. Henceforth promising a mysterious and nostalgic journey for attendees, transcending the boundaries between humans and monsters alike.

A Transformation of Space and Time

The historic Park Avenue Armory will witness a remarkable transformation as PUMA unleashes a blend of light, music, projection, and experiential elements. For this reason, the immersive showcase aims to rediscover the essence of the Mostro, turning the Armory into a space where the iconic sneaker takes center stage. Attendees can expect to be transported to a world where fashion meets fantasy, celebrating the unconventional and low-profile allure of the Mostro.

PUMA's Mostro Returns to the Spotlight at New York Fashion Week, Sneakerize.gr

From Archives to Catwalk: PUMA’s Hybrid Proposition

Pulled from PUMA’s rich archives, the Mostro boasts a low-profile silhouette. In detail, it features defining details like a signature spiked sole and a versatile strap closure. The showcase will feature a curated selection of both custom and commercial pieces, offering a glimpse into PUMA’s upcoming SELECT AW24 catalog. This hybrid proposition not only pays homage to the brand’s legacy but also underscores PUMA’s role at the crossroads of sport and culture. This way Puma showcases how fashion and athleticism can coalesce seamlessly.

Heiko Desens on Mostro’s Comeback and Future Designs

Heiko Desens, Creative Director for PUMA, shares insights into the show, stating, “With this show, we will celebrate the comeback of one of our most unconventional ‘low-profile’ icons. We will also be using this moment to reveal some Mostro design concepts clearly pointing towards the future to build the sneaker archive of tomorrow.” This hints at an exciting blend of nostalgia and innovation, showcasing PUMA’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of footwear.

ASAP Rocky in Puma Mostro, Sneakerize.gr

As New York Fashion Week approaches, anticipation builds not only for the return of the Mostro but for the entire unconventional spectacle PUMA promises. The collaboration with PRODJECT Agency and Creative Director David Stamatis, coupled with the promise of undisclosed musical guests and talents, solidifies PUMA’s commitment to making this show as distinctive as the Mostro itself. To emphasize that, the Creative Director of CFDA, Steven Kolb, expressed his delight in welcoming PUMA back to New York City, acknowledging their collaboration, energy, and presence as a significant addition to the week’s momentum. Get ready for a fashion show that promises to stand out from the rest, just like the iconic Mostro sneaker.

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PUMA’s Mostro Returns to the Spotlight at New York Fashion Week

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