Reviving the Running Legacy: The Return of PUMA’s Easy Rider in 2024

In the fast-paced world of athletic footwear, few silhouettes hold the timeless allure of PUMA’s 1977 Easy Rider. A pioneer in the jogging boom of the 1970s, this classic runner is making a triumphant return in 2024. Back then, it marked a pivotal moment in running innovation, and today, it stands as the epitome of running nostalgia.

A Premium Resurgence: Glacial Gray and Dewdrop Delight

PUMA breathes new life into the Easy Rider with a fresh, premium makeover featuring sophisticated “Glacial Gray” and “Dewdrop” colorways. The Easy Rider Vintage pays homage to its roots while embracing a contemporary aesthetic. This updated classic not only treads on the tracks of the past but also leaves a footprint for future generations to follow, connecting the eras through its iconic design.

Reviving the Running Legacy: The Return of PUMA's Easy Rider in 2024,

Family Ties and Timeless Design: A Campaign That Speaks Volumes

The accompanying campaign surrounding the Easy Rider Vintage goes beyond just shoes; it celebrates the intricate tapestry of family ties. Through diverse family portraiture, the campaign captures intimate moments that underscore the significance of family bonds and childhood memories. Set against unexpected backdrops and styled with unique twists, the campaign revels in the simplicity of everyday moments.

Unveiling the Narrative: From History to Heirlooms

Part one of the campaign is a narrative spun around the family home, weaving a story of history and heirlooms. As the Easy Rider Vintage steps back into the limelight, PUMA invites us into a world where each pair of sneakers carries the weight of generations. This initial drop is just the beginning, promising more tales from PUMA’s Easy Rider franchise throughout 2024.

Mark Your Calendar: Limited Drops Starting January 13, 2024

For those eager to relive the glory of the Easy Rider Vintage, the “Glacial Gray” variant will be available in limited quantities from selected retailers like Bodega, Atmos, and Sneakersnstuff starting January 13, 2024. Be ready to secure your piece of running history, with the second colorway slated for release later this year. Lace-up and stride into 2024 with a touch of nostalgia and a pair of revamped classics that stand the test of time.

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Reviving the Running Legacy: The Return of PUMA’s Easy Rider in 2024

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