Rihanna’s Iconic Creeper Returns: The Phatty Edition

Rihanna, the renowned pop sensation and fashion icon, is once again shaking up the world of footwear with the highly anticipated comeback of her iconic Creeper. Named the Creeper Phatty, this reimagined classic is not just a revival but a bold statement, bigger and bolder than ever before. The Creeper Phatty, a creation born from Rihanna’s imagination, boasts an oversized design, a stacked gum sole, and vibrant pops of color, taking the original Creeper to new heights. Available in three distinct colors suitable for all ages and genders, it’s a full family affair, making a bold fashion statement accessible to everyone.

Phatty: Redefining Confidence and Style

The term “Phatty” encapsulates Rihanna’s vision for the Creeper Phatty – extra confidence, extra style, and an extra dose of everything. Originally launched in September 2015 as a platformed version of PUMA’s iconic Suede sneaker, the Creeper became a cultural phenomenon, earning the title of Shoe of the Year by Footwear News in 2016. In detail, the new iteration is wrapped in suede and adorned with a padded and debossed formstrip, features the iconic Fenty logo on the tongue, laces with gold aglets, and a distinctive stacked gum sole. Rihanna’s intention with the Creeper Phatty is to not just bring back a classic silhouette but to do so in a way that is culturally relevant and visually impactful.

Rihanna's Iconic Creeper Returns: The Phatty Edition, Rihanna x Puma Creeper Phatty, Sneakerize.gr

A Fashion Revolution: The Phatty Attitude

In Rihanna’s second FENTY x PUMA campaign as Creative Director, the Creeper Phatty takes center stage, embodying a fusion of creep and phatty attitudes. For this reason, the campaign, shot by Philippa Price, explores the juxtaposition of oversized and bright elements, highlighting the essence of the shoe. Maria Valdes, Chief Product Officer at PUMA, reflects on the significance of the original Creeper, stating that it changed the game for the brand. The return of this iconic silhouette not only builds upon its existing appeal but also expands the offering to cater to the entire family. The Creeper Phatty is set to make its global debut on November 30, 2023, at 10 am EST, available on puma.com and select global retailers, including Foot Locker, promising a new chapter in the legacy of Rihanna’s groundbreaking collaboration with PUMA.

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Rihanna’s Iconic Creeper Returns: The Phatty Edition

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