Converse Unleashes Creative Forces: Martine Ali, Isabel Marant, and Feng Chen Wang Redefine Chuck Taylor’s DNA

Converse has embarked on an innovative collaboration with trailblazing designers Martine Ali, Isabel Marant, and Feng Chen Wang. This eclectic trio is set to explore uncharted dimensions of the Chuck Taylor All Star’s iconic DNA, pushing the brand’s boundaries to new and unprecedented heights. Recognized for their ability to challenge conventions and redefine fashion norms, each designer brings a unique perspective to the table. As a result, they transformed the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette into a canvas for creativity and innovation.

Martine Ali’s Bold Reinvention: The Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge

The first designer to leave her mark on this collaborative venture is Brooklyn-based jewelry and accessories designer Martine Ali. She takes on the challenge with the Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge, a radical reinterpretation of the iconic silhouette. Featuring a dramatically sculpted, angular midsole as its focal point, the De Luxe Wedge stands out with nearly four inches of elevation. Furthermore, it features an asymmetric squared toecap, and a full leather upper. In detail, Martine draws from waders, resulting in a transformative and refined expression of the Chuck Taylor All Star. In fact, her take on the De Luxe Wedge offers two distinct expressions – with and without gaiters. The entirely black silhouette, adorned with stud closures and metallic finishes, not only pays homage to Martine’s signature style but also embraces versatility.

The Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge is not just a shoe. It is a statement piece designed for self-expression, seamlessly transitioning from casual to dressy, low-key to loud, day to night.

Converse x Martine Ali Collaboration: A Fusion of Style and Self-Expression

Martine Ali’s vision aligns seamlessly with Converse’s commitment to repurposing its DNA as a platform for advancing style, fit, form, and function. The Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge is not just a fashion statement. It embodies the spirit of self-expression and individuality. Martine expresses, “As a designer, I create items that allow for the wearer to also be the creator. With the wedge, I designed a shoe that becomes what you want it to be”. The collaboration reflects Converse’s dedication to providing opportunities for creative expression to those who are actively shaping culture.

The Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge is poised to make its global debut on December 1, 2023, on and select global retailers, with the European release scheduled for early 2024. As shown above, this collaboration marks a significant chapter in Converse’s legacy, fusing heritage with innovation and celebrating the limitless potential of creative minds in the world of fashion.

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Converse Unleashes Creative Forces: Martine Ali, Isabel Marant, and Feng Chen Wang Redefine Chuck Taylor’s DNA

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