Mizuno’s Kintsugi Pack: A Tribute to Japanese Craftsmanship

Mizuno introduces the Kintsugi Pack for the AW23 season, featuring the Wave Rider 10 and the Contender sneakers. This collection draws inspiration from the ancient art of “joining with gold“, also known as Kintsugi, and pays homage to Mizuno’s Japanese heritage, craftsmanship, and the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi.

The Japanese Art of Repairing Broken Pottery

Kintsugi has its roots in 16th and 17th century Japan, where it emerged as the art of repairing broken pottery using lacquer infused with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. However, it has evolved into more than just a technique – it embodies a philosophy centered on embracing imperfections. In detail, the concept is deeply intertwined with Wabi-Sabi, which celebrates the beauty in imperfection. Kintsugi, in particular, treats breakage and repair as integral parts of an object’s history, emphasizing flaws instead of concealing them. Moreover, this philosophy resonates with the idea that things deserve a second chance for improvement, clearly reflected in the Kintsugi Pack.

The Campaign: Celebrating Kintsugi

The campaign for the Kintsugi Pack beautifully captures the essence of this art. It features the Japanese artist Takehito Kobayashi, who showcases the real Kintsugi technique while creating a unique Runbird logo. Kobayashi has been involved in pottery since a young age and has dedicated his life to Kintsugi. In 2009, after a European trip where he explored various repair techniques, he established Wad, a store focusing on “good Japanese products”. Today, he actively conducts Kintsugi workshops and offers art pottery consultations in Osaka. This campaign perfectly highlights the connection between the Kintsugi Pack and the spirit of Kintsugi itself.

The Shoes: Wave Rider 10 and Contender

The Kintsugi Pack features two remarkable sneakers, the Wave Rider 10 and the Contender. These shoes are elegantly designed in soft neutral colors, incorporating subtle material contrasts through premium suede and mesh. Additionally, the iconic Runbird logo, resembling the golden joints of the ancient Japanese technique, is outlined with a thin yellow line. Notably, the tongue of the shoes proudly displays a Kintsugi artwork, further emphasizing the pack’s source of inspiration. Finally, both the Wave Rider 10 and the Contender come with mismatched insoles in white and grey colors, that adds a playfull touch to their uniqueness.

The Mizuno Kintsugi Pack will be available from November 3, 2023 at:

  • Fuel
  • Phat Soles
  • Hotel Shops

Mizuno’s Kintsugi Pack for AW23 is not just a collection of sneakers but a tribute to Japanese artistry and philosophy, bringing together the worlds of craftsmanship and fashion in a truly unique and inspiring way.

Mizuno Kintsugi Pack
Style Code:D1GA237501
Color: Pristine/Chicory Coffee/Mojave Desert

Wave Rider 10
Style Code:D1GA232101
Color: Nimbus Cloud/Black Oyster/Quiet Shade

Exclusive distribution for Greece & Cyprus: MZN HELLAS S.A

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Mizuno’s Kintsugi Pack: A Tribute to Japanese Craftsmanship

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