ICE-COLD STYLE: PUMA’s Winter Rink Collection

As winter approaches, PUMA is taking inspiration from the fast-paced and high-energy world of ice hockey to bring you their latest masterpiece: the Winter Rink collection. This innovative collection seamlessly blends bold graphics, exaggerated proportions, and Y2K aesthetics to deliver a truly unique and conceptual lineup of apparel and footwear.

Hockey Jerseys as the Focal Point

Obviously at the heart of the Winter Rink collection lies the iconic hockey jersey, reimagined with a PUMA twist. This standout piece showcases vivid patterns, vibrant colors, and team-style logos that pay homage to the sport’s dynamic spirit. Also, for true PUMA enthusiasts, keep an eye out for the subtle appearances of the PUMA cat hidden throughout the collection’s designs, adding an element of surprise to your style.

A Fusion of Eras and Styles

The Winter Rink collection beautifully melds 70s fashion sensibilities with modern comfort. You’ll find flared leggings, pencil skirts, and long-sleeve roll-neck tops adorned with eye-catching geometric patterns, providing an edgy and retro vibe accordingly. To stay cozy in the chilly winter months, PUMA has also included hooded sweatshirts that effortlessly blend style and warmth.

Oversized Jerseys and Limited-Edition Sneakers

Another key point of this collection is the oversized PUMA “Winter Rink” jersey. Particularly, with its specially designed badges proudly emblazoned on the chest, this jersey is a statement piece that adds a touch of sports-inspired elegance to your winter wardrobe.

Additionally, don’t miss out on PUMA’s limited-edition “Winter Rink” Slipstream. This unique sneaker boasts a muted color scheme. In detail, it combines an icy greyish blue with a splash of salmon tones across the iconic PUMA Formstrip. Therefore making it the perfect footwear choice to complement your Winter Rink ensemble.

ICE-COLD STYLE: PUMA's Winter Rink Collection,

Get Ready to Embrace the Chill in Style

Mark your calendars! The PUMA “Winter Rink” collection is set to drop on August 26, 2023. You can grab your favorites from this chilly yet sizzling collection at, PUMA flagship stores, and selected accounts worldwide. Embrace the cold with the hottest winter styles from PUMA’s Winter Rink collection and showcase your ice-cold style to the world!

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ICE-COLD STYLE: PUMA’s Winter Rink Collection

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