Mizuno’s Nomad Pack: A Highland and Yosemite-Inspired Adventure

Exploring Nature’s Contrasts

The Mizuno Nomad Pack takes sneaker enthusiasts on a breathtaking journey inspired by the rugged highlands of Iceland and the serene valleys of Yosemite Park. This collection is a tribute to free spirits and social travelers, encapsulating the inner desire to immerse oneself in the splendor of nature. Mizuno beautifully captures the duality of nature, highlighting the stark contrast between its harshness and the tranquility it bestows upon those who venture into its embrace. The Nomad Pack celebrates the human connection with the outdoors. This way offers a path for individuals to rediscover themselves, reconnect with their surroundings, and find balance in a fast-paced world.

An Icelandic Adventure Unveiled

As shown above, the Mizuno Sportstyle’s AW23 Nomad Pack transports sneaker enthusiasts on a mesmerizing journey through the captivating landscapes of Iceland. Following the success of the SS23 collection set against the backdrop of Mount Etna, this new chapter delves deeper into nature’s wonders.

Additionally, while the adventure unfolds, it leads humans to explore and inhabit remote, unique locations where life has found a foothold. Hidden shelters among the rocks of Black Sand Beach, the mesmerizing power of waterfalls, and the serene summit of a once-fiery crater, now filled with water, become the stages for this remarkable odyssey. Also, the relentless force of nature challenges the peaceful nomadic expedition of three adventurers.

Wave Mujin TL

Mizuno Wave Mujin TL - Nomad Pack
Style Code: D1GA2364-01
Color: Silver Cloud / White Sand / Cedar
Price: 200€

The campaign aptly bears the title “Land of the People”, reflecting the primary Icelandic expression for their homeland. In the same way, the materials and design details pay homage to the awe-inspiring textures of Icelandic landscapes. Making every step an adventure in itself.

Wave Prophecy LS

Mizuno Prophecy LS - Nomad Pack
Style Code: D1GA2387-01
Color: Silver Cloud / White Sand / Cedar
Price: 260€

Nomad’s Technical Excellence and Nature-inspired Aesthetics

The Nomad collection showcases Mizuno’s most technical silhouettes, dressed in premium and sophisticated color schemes. In detail, the palette of tones and shades mirrors the untamed beauty and ruggedness of the natural world that served as the muse for this pack. Additionally, nature-inspired details abound, from the marble midsole effect to the mountain and logo printed insoles, reminding wearers of their connection to the great outdoors. With attention to detail, Mizuno has carefully selected materials for this collection. For example, combining hairy suede and technical woven mesh to create sneakers that are as comfortable as they are stylish. With the Nomad Pack, Mizuno invites sneaker enthusiasts to embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure, all while staying grounded in the beauty of the natural world. As a result, it’s a collection that beckons individuals to explore, reconnect, and re-balance in style.

Wave Rider Beta

Mizuno Rider Beta - Nomad Pack
Style Code: D1GA2356-01
Color: Silver Cloud / White Sand / Cedar
Price: 190€

In conclusion, the Mizuno Nomad Pack is more than just a collection of sneakers. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey through the beauty and contrasts of nature. With premium materials, nature-inspired design elements, and a profound connection to the great outdoors, the Nomad Pack is a testament to Mizuno’s commitment to both style and function. So, lace up your Nomad sneakers and set out on your own adventure. Embrace the wild and find tranquility along the way.

The Mizuno Nomad Pack will be available on Friday, September 22 exclusively at:

  • Phat Soles
  • Fuel
  • Device One

Exclusive distribution for Greece & Cyprus: MZN HELLAS S.A

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Mizuno’s Nomad Pack: A Highland and Yosemite-Inspired Adventure

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