adidas Home Of Classics Exhibition

SuperstarGazelle. Forum. Since their inception, each of the three iconic franchises has continued to make its mark in culture. Never ceasing to push the boundaries along the way. For Spring/Summer 2023, adidas Originals celebrates each of the timeless silhouettes – and their role as pillars within the creative community – with its latest “Home of Classics” campaign.

Helping to bring the campaign to life and celebrating the creative communities that have breathed meaning into the groundbreaking sneakers, the Trefoil has partnered with artists from across the globe to create a series of special artifacts – each inspired by the Gazelle, Forum, and Superstar.

In the US, Katsu has reimagined the Superstar, using it as a canvas for his painterly process. Truls Martensson has created a bespoke ceramic sculpture with a character wearing Gazelles . Atticus Torre has created airbrushed hoodies inspired by the Gazelle, and Gabriel Massen has also recontextualized the Gazelle as a lenticular print.

In the UK, Claire Barrow has created three paintings inspired by the Superstar. Shana SadeghiRay has crafted a Teddy Bear from deconstructed Superstar parts. Fuego Nails has developed a custom Superstar nail set, and Cremate has forged two pairs of scented wax Forums.

Across the rest of the world, Canada’s Gab Bois has crafted a Forum desk lamp. France’s Gwam has turned the Superstar into a balaclava-style mask. Spain’s Sophie Chricton has created three paintings using Forums as a medium. Japan’s Shishumania has added his signature embroidery to the Superstar. Meanwhile, China’s Melting Sadness and IS12 have created four Superstar adorned porcelain plates and a Superstar plush bag respectively. In Venezuela, Chocotoy has built three Superstar-wearing figurines.

The Faces of the “Home of Classics”

The faces of the “Home of Classics” campaign have also joined the collective with Lil Dre customizing a pair of Forums, Broke Wear customizing two pairs of Gazelles, and Dee Koala customizing a pair of Superstars – each also signing additional pairs of their chosen silhouettes to be part of a giveaway.

A celebration of community-driven creativity, each imaginative creation will be available to view on the adidas app from April 18th and available via a random draw for adiClub members on the brand’s app until May 1st.

adidas Home Of Classics Exhibition

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