Assuming you have already seen Avenger “Infinity War” the mystery around superhero duet Ant-Man & The Wasp is taking over the talk of where Hawkeye was all this time (yeah , right) .

For the rest of you who haven’t seen the movie , spoilers ahead . 

So Marvel is releasing a new trailer for the upcoming film “Ant-Man and The Wasp and though there might be no direct Infinity War references there was another trailer of the MCU superheroes wondering about where the duet might have been .

Now , knowing what the suits of Dr. Hank Pym can do on sub-atomic level , it’s interesting that Benedict Cumberbatch is the only one referring that idea . Dr. Strange made a difficult choice trading the Time Stone for Tony Stark’s life to Thanos , but knowing the outcome of over 14 million futures , was it really a bad call ? 

Also , take a look at the movie poster . Does it look familiar ? Of course , as it features almost the same graphic theme as the previous “Infinity War groups” posters .

Stay tuned for the new teaser trailer.

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