Based on the early years of his career in graffiti, and his love for street culture, Sake, after 19 years of practicing tattoo art at the highest possible level, returns to where he began.

Nowdays , with a different point of view, Sake merges the streets with ancient Greek culture and statues from the past with light and spray paint, composing a new approach that has the same outstanding attribute that made him stand out worldwide in realistic tattoo with graffiti effects . Uniqueness.

The 1st “Art Crimes” Exhibition by Sake is opening on August 10th at Kapopoulos Gallery Mykonos .

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About Sake
When the graffiti scene was born in Athens on the early 90s, Sake was one of it’s most leading artists. He was known for the realistic approach in his graffiti art, which was groundbreaking for that foggy era. In the early 2000s, his creativity was expressed in a new genre of art for Greece back then, the art of tattooing. Within the next 15 years he managed to establish the biggest tattoo studio in Europe and be the teacher to some of the top tattoo artists worldwide. In 2017, due to his nostalgia for graffiti and his beginning, he brings to life a new project called ”Statue Art Crimes” which consist of a modern approach in classic and monumental ancient bust and sculptures.

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