.SWOOSH Drops First Virtual Collection

The movement started with a new, digital community. With more than 330,000 members, .SWOOSH, Nike’s new platform for virtual creations, is dropping its first digital-creation collection. Our Force 1 (OF1). Co-curated by the .SWOOSH community and built for the digital generation. OF1 is a tribute to the first 50 years of Nike . A homage, if you will, to the creativity and versatility of the Air Force 1. The collection removes the barriers of physical product, builds community, and leverages pioneering technology that fuels the future of sport.

The journey to the OF1 collection begins with a choice between two digital “boxes“. The Classic Remix box and the New Wave box. Each box is priced at $19.82 USD and contains an Our Force 1, a digital version of one of the most iconic Air Force 1s. In the Classic Remix box, .SWOOSH Members get a shot at picking up a favorite classic archive AF1 released from 1982 to 2006. Or it could be a more unique, custom AF1 with a nostalgic twist. In the New Wave box, members could unlock a classic archive from 2007 or later, or an expressive, custom AF1 with a more futuristic twist. Scattered across both boxes are co-created AF1s from the four .SWOOSH “Your Force 1” winners.

Nike has built multiple entry points to purchase an OF1 box. On April 18, Nike will begin airdropping AF1 posters — the unlock to buying an OF1 box — on SWOOSH.NIKE to randomly selected .SWOOSH members on May 8, this group will be given first access to the OF1 sale. General access opens on May 10 to the entire .SWOOSH community to purchase an OF1 virtual creation.

Ready to open some boxes?

.SWOOSH members will be alerted when they can open their OF1 box and discover which Our Force One shoe it contains. Shortly after opening their OF1 box, each virtual creation will come paired with a 3D file that the owner can download and use to express themselves in new ways. In the near future, .SWOOSH will introduce other new utilities and benefits to these unique Nike virtual creations, such as exclusive physical products or experiences.

“The OF1 collection shows how Nike will continue to innovate at the intersection of play and culture for the future of sports,” says Ron Faris, GM of Nike Virtual Studios. “We are exploring new ways to tell stories and create relationships while removing the barriers and limitations of physical product. With more members choosing to express themselves across physical and digital worlds, .SWOOSH is the marketplace of the future.”

.SWOOSH is still in a closed beta to create an equitable and safe platform. But you can register to become a .SWOOSH member at welcome.swoosh.nike. To stay up to date on the OF1 Collection, follow the dotSwoosh blog on Medium and @dotSWOOSH on Twitter. 

.SWOOSH Drops First Virtual Collection

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