For decades, adidas’ iconic SuperstarGazelle, and Forum franchises have stood proud as symbols of culture and community – entering the zeitgeist as game changers and continually pushing the boundaries ever since. For Spring/Summer 2023 adidas Originals has brought all three silhouettes together under its latest “Home of Classics” campaign.

The campaign itself features a cast of trailblazing figures from across the globe, including Lil Dre, Kalya Montoya, and Marcos Montoya from Los Angeles, and Dee Koala, Mzwandile Sithole, and Andile Dlamini from Cape Town’s groundbreaking brand and collective, Broke Wear. Bridging geographies and cultures and turning Cape Town into a playground for experimentation, “Home of Classics” showcases how the boundaries of creativity are pushed further when communities come together.

Speaking on the campaign, the next-generation skate star and creative pioneer, Lil Dre, explained: Community means family, loving each other and helping each other out”.

To commemorate the arrival of the latest “Home of Classics” campaign, adidas Originals has also partnered with artists from across the globe to create a series of special artifacts based on the three timeless franchises. Bold and undeniably unique, members will have a chance to win each imaginative creation via the brand’s app.

Blending heritage and innovation across borders, the latest “Home of Classics” campaign launches on April 3rd.

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