PUMA has teamed up with Neymar Jr. and Fortnite to launch the Neymar Jr. x PUMA Crazy Playground, Creative Hub and exclusive PUMA rewards for the Neymar Jr. Cup. This week, Neymar Jr. will become the first-ever athlete to join Fortnite’s Icon Series as part of the current Season 6 “Primal” Battle Pass.

In addition to the in-game Neymar Jr. Quests to unlock his outfit, Neymar Jr. and PUMA are taking over the Fortnite Creative from April 27 to May 4 with a special Paris-themed Welcome Hub. When you’re ready to get into the action, you can queue up for the ‘Go Crazy Arena’ playlist – a casual combat experience, created by the Fortnite community to celebrate Neymar Jr’s arrival from April 27 to April 30.

The “Go Crazy Arena” features an 8v8 match-up with infinite respawns and power-ups enabled for players to earn gold by eliminating opponents, unlocking upgrades, and special bonuses for players and their teams. The first to reach 200 eliminations wins.

The event culminates with ‘The Neymar Jr. Cup’ where players can compete in up to 10 games in their region’s three-hour time window to win commemorative PUMA x Fortnite FUTURE Z football boots. The top player per region in this solo tournament will receive a special pair of these exclusive not-for-sale football boots. To find out more visit here.

“As a huge gamer this is an honor and a dream to be the first athlete ever to feature their own custom outfits and game modes in the worldwide phenomenon that is Fortnite. This also gives me the opportunity to play with my fans and connect with the gaming community,” said Neymar Jr. “There are so many crazy modes and quests to play, and I can’t wait for people to experience them all. Let’s play!”

To celebrate this momentous launch, PUMA has teamed up with boot customizer @silni.art to create a one-off pair of custom PUMA FUTURE Z football boots to be worn on pitch by Neymar Jr. against Manchester City in the semi-final of the Champions League on April 28. 

The customized Spectra edition of the FUTURE Z features a FUZIONFIT+ compression band across the midfoot with Neymar Jr’s logos displayed on the medial side of each boot. Located on the lateral side are Neymar Jr’s Primal forms that can be unlocked within the Fortnite game. 

Don’t miss out on the must-play Neymar Jr. Crazy Playground and Creative Hub launching April 27. Fortnite just got craZy.

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