Over 600 game minutes, 200 players, and a prize pool of 2000€, is the aftermath of the first OnLine NBA2K Tournament by Puma Hoops and the No1 basketball store, Slam Dunk.

The Final was hosted live on Twitch by Players Choice Basketball talk show with Shaq McKissic and commentary by Dora Panteli. Over 6000 viewers watched the 3-hour Finals show, followed by the Euroleague Talks & Predictions as well as an interesting, all-about e-sports interview with the well-known gamer, Pun1sher, who shared his gaming experiences and future plans.

In case you miss the Finals Show , you can watch it here.

Also, visit SlamDunk.gr or the SlamDunk store at Ermou 37, and explore the Puma Hoops Collection.

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