The ultimate Sportluxe destination is in Athens

Few weeks ago , a new Puma Select store opened its doors to the public . Located at the most fashionable district of Athens , Kolonaki , the new store offers a more comfortable 360o shopping experience .  In an unexpected scenery , where minimal meets stylish , dominating gold surfaces match the key colors of every ongoing campaign .


Puma Select @ Kolonaki, Athens


Whether its cool surf style and hardcore motorsport look from Rihanna’s Fenty collection or the collectors’ favourite Suede 50 collection, simplicity through Han Kjobenhavn or unconventinal artistic touches by Shantell Martin , this concept store has it all in place .


Puma Select @ Kolonaki, Athens – Shantell Martin Corner


The store is also hosting collections Selena Gomez & Cara Delevigne as well as XO by The Weeknd .

Exclusive apparel , sneakers & accesories are waiting for the bold ones in the new prime-athletic style destination , Voukourestiou 50 & Tsakalof – Kolonaki , Athens .


Puma Select @ Kolonaki, Athens – DoYou Corner


Puma Select @ Kolonaki, Athens – XO Corner


Puma Select @ Kolonaki, Athens


Puma Select @ Kolonaki, Athens – Suede 50 corner


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