Launches its own Discord Server

We are proud to announce that our community has now its own Discord Server.

As we continue our efforts for a better streetwear community, we have decided to set up a Discord Server that follows the same values our website had been following for more than 5 years.

Featuring all the usual Text and Voice Channels functions, you will be able to use our Discord Server for a more direct experience regarding our favorite topics.

Furthermore, through the Discord Stage, you will be able to listen to our “Street Talks” featuring streetwear professionals, industry insiders, sneaker lovers, and community representatives.

And since we are looking forward to hearing what you have to say on the latest news, trends, products, and more, you will be able to participate in the “Street Talks“, asks our guests directly and debate with other members.

Also, If you are an Industry professionalinfluencer, or just an enthusiast that wants to participate on our Stage, register for the upcoming Street Talks in the form below.

Register for our Street Talks here

Discord Sneaker Talks Stage

By joining our server you will be able to :

🔶Connect with fellow sneakerheads through our Voice or Text Channels
🔶Check on your favourite topics, post and comment in the Menu Channels ( 📰general , 👟sneakers , 👕style , 📖stories , 📅events , 🎧music , 🎭culture )
🔶Listen to our Street Talks and interact live with the panel members
🔶Trade on our Market Channels ( 💰wts , 💸wtb 🤝wtd )
🔶Use the Legit Check Channel to examine an item and help others or ask for help checking an item (🔬legit-check )
🔶Join our Discord Exclusive Giveaways ( 🎁giveaways )
🔶Earn points in the Discord Server and move up the ranks to enjoy more perks ! ( roles-info )

Join our Discord Server here Don’t have Discord ? Download here ) Launches its own Discord Server

How to earn points

Engagement in the Discord Server, will be rewarded with points that will get you higher in the Role Ranks.

🔸 Follow on Instagram: 50 points
🔸 Like on Facebook: 50 points
🔸 Participate in Street Talks: 100 points
🔸 Invite New Member: 100 points
🔸 Proven Experience in Sneakers/Streetwear Industry: 200 points

Rank🟣Everyone🟢Member (1000 points)🔵Vip Member (3000)
View Channel
Create Invite
Send Messages
Add Reactions
Connect & Speak at Voice Channels
Use Voice Activity
Request to Speak On Stage
Change nickname
Embed Links
Attach Files (requirement for market use)
Read Message History
Send Text-to-Speech Messages
Use Application Commands
Share Video or Screen
Use Activities
Create Public and Private Threads
Use External Sounds
External Emoji and Stickers (Nitro users)
Use Soundbar
Priority Speaker and Stage Time at Street Talks
Discord Giveaways Bonus Entries510

Join our Discord Server here Don’t have Discord ? Download here )

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