Global sports brand PUMA announced a long-term partnership with British-Nigerian grime MC, rapper, and record producer Skepta, who will work with the brand to design products and curate global marketing campaigns.

This is an incredibly hands-on role for Chief Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr., best known as Skepta, whose organic talents lie in creating innovation in the arts.

The partnership was struck through Skepta’s Big Smoke Corporation, an organization created
to foster and ignite a community of individuals with talents and bring those talents to brands, forming unique partnerships.”This is the first brand partnership deal to come through my new company Big Smoke Corporation and one I am very proud of. Together with PUMA we can put our spin and create a new way of thinking about fashion and style.” Skepta says, “it’s an honour to work with such a globally recognized brand that is both embedded and has a real understanding of youth and popular culture, but also understands the importance of partnerships and collaborations such as this. We look forward to developing and creating new opportunities for the next generation together.”

Skepta brings his strong connection with today’s community – he will work with PUMA to bring a new vision to its men’s business, sharing his deep knowledge of culture, music, art, and style. He will be an active voice and figure in PUMA’s progressive space, from design to campaigns and everything in between.

Skepta is the embodiment of progression, proven by the impact he has created on music, fashion, and culture over the last two decades. We are excited to start this journey with him where he will play a multifaceted role, bringing to life his knowledge and vision, helping us revolutionize our progressive space. We could not be happier to welcome him to our PUMA family, and I am excited to see what we accomplish together,” said Bjoern Gulden, PUMA’s CEO.

In the upcoming months, Skepta will be part of new and exciting projects with PUMA that will revolutionize the industry.

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