Balenciaga / adidas combines elements of sportswear and fashion that is part of both brands’ creative language, resulting in a unique dialogue between them. It was first seen on the runway during the Balenciaga Spring 23 Collection presentation on the New York Stock Exchange’s trading floor.

A dedicated campaign that takes place in a Manhattan high rise shows actresses Isabelle Huppert and Han So Hee, boxer Jermell Charlo, singer BCW and models Bella Hadid and Khadim Sock wearing Balenciaga / adidas pieces while passing time in isolated office spaces. Portraits by photojournalist Joshua Bright and videos by Rosie Marks see the cast acting out typified office behaviors, exemplifying boredom, aggression, stress, and self-satisfaction.

They are surrounded by era-specific workday clutter: piles of paper, jars of writing utensils, landline phones, and desktop computers. Still life photographs by Chris Maggio show shoes, bags, and jewelry situated in the same charged settings. 

Within the Balenciaga / adidas Collection, a tracksuit is reimagined as business attire, completed with high-heeled Pantashoes; athletic equipment and iconic sneakers from both brands are reinvented as hybrid products; T-shirts, baggy jeans, the Hourglass Bag, and signature Balenciaga jewelry styles get the Three Stripe treatment as well.

Photojournalist Joshua Bright’s documentary work has won awards for its accurate portrayal of lives around the world. Photographer Rosie Marks is known for her portrait work, capturing subjects in their own elements. Photographer Chris Maggio’s practice sits at the intersection of observational and staged photography.

Balenciaga / adidas launches in selected Balenciaga and adidas stores, on, on and in a series of exclusive pop-ups in Bangkok, Dubai, Los Angeles, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo, and Toronto starting November 3rd, 2022.

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