Sato is a creative director who delivers total brand strategies to various companies, including all phases from concept building to design consulting in brand communications. Sato conveys the essence of information by replacing it with a visual language that everyone can understand at a glance. Using this unique method, which has revolutionized conventional design concepts, he has been involved in the creation of logos and the design of spaces for many well-known companies. 

To mark the Kashiwa Sato exhibition that opened on February 3, 2021, Sato has participated in his first G-SHOCK collaboration. As a brand that continues to take on the challenge of revolutionizing the watch industry, G-SHOCK welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with someone who has helped create new value for various industries.

With straight blue and white lines on a vivid red watch face, the DWE-5600KS expresses a motif from one of Sato’s best-known series of works, Lines. Watch owners can enjoy creating 27 different design combinations by switching the bands and bezels, which are made of clear, orange, and green semi-transparent material, as they please. When the backlight is activated, Kashiwa Sato’s initial “K” appears. Special packaging was also designed, featuring a motif derived from Sato’s Lines. It is the finishing touch for this collaboration model that declares originality by embodying Sato’s unique worldview.

Retailing at 290€ , the Casio G-Shock x Kashiwa Sato 5600KS is available at Fuel .

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