Global sports company PUMA has announced the launch of J. Cole’s second signature basketball sneaker, the DREAMER 2. The new silhouette is the latest addition to the DREAMER franchise, which successfully debuted with the original RS-Dreamer last year.

The DREAMER 2 “January 28” is named after J. Cole’s classic song from his popular album “2014 Forrest Hills Drive,” which shares his birthday and the launch date for DREAMER 2.

This announcement comes as music fans impatiently await “The Off-Season” and other imminent music releases from Cole in 2021. The inspiration behind DREAMER 2 is that athletes and dreamers can achieve their highest potential and desires, from the kid fighting to make their team with hopes to be the next rising star, to the aging veteran who’s told their time has passed. Dreamers have the power to move the world forward.

To mark the launch of DREAMER 2, J. Cole brought it back to where his earliest dreams and fantasies began, with a re-imaged photo of the “2014 Forest Hills Drive” album cover. In the photo, Cole is sitting on his childhood rooftop in the same iconic fashion as the famous life-changing album cover, but this time he is showcasing his own signature shoe on his feet and is no longer looking off into the distance for his own dreams and aspirations, but instead looking straight on as if to say, “I did it, now it’s your turn.”

This second signature basketball sneaker is a mid-silhouette intended to be worn on and off the court. It’s equipped with the latest RS technology allowing athletes to perform at the highest level while also boasting a bold and slick fashion-forward design.

It encompasses key elements that have defined the RS-0, RS-100, and RS-X and brings them to the court in a totally new design. The sneakers also feature PUMA’s signature ProFoam throughout the midsole which allows for rebound and energy return while the full coverage rubber outsole is enhanced for optimal durability and traction.

The DREAMER 2 will be available at the PUMA NYC Flagship Store, on,, and online and in-store at Foot Looker Inc. Family of Brands (including Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs, Footaction, and Eastbay) and select retailers worldwide, starting January 28.

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