PUMA and California skateboard brand Santa Cruz are joining forces for a full collection that elevates classic PUMA styles with the skate world aesthetic of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz has been at the forefront of skateboard innovation for over 40 years, known for their laid-back attitude and bright pop art graphics. Hardly any other brand embodies the Californian lifestyle so strongly through not only skateboards but also a large selection of apparel and accessories.

The PUMA x SANTA CRUZ collection is inspired from the fantasy creatures of Santa Cruz in a bright, statement color palette. One of the most iconic graphics in the Santa Cruz library, Jim Phillip’s Screaming Hand, can be seen emblazoned across items in the collection with a unique, co-branded look.

As a leader in the skate world, Santa Cruz adds its touch to the classic PUMA Suede that comes in a black suede upper with a lime green formstrip and Santa Cruz “Shark Dot” graphic on the side, along with an extra set of laces. For the women’s selection, the PUMA Mayze offers a bold look with a stacked platform and comes in two mono-colorways, black and lime green, both featuring the Santa Cruz Dot Reflection graphic printed on the upper and midsole.

Next to these classics, the PUMA x SANTA CRUZ collection offers unisex and women’s apparel, in a range of streetwear classics like hoodies, tees, and sweatpants, as well as items like women’s cargo pants, a coach jacket, and men’s twill pants. Design features include an all-over-print inspired by the infamous Street Creep graphic created by legendary Santa Cruz artist Jim Phillips and a fresh color palette with blacks, neutrals, and pops of lime green. The apparel selection also includes a long black coat with a co-branded logo on the back and all-over-print lining. Accessories in the collection include a beanie and a backpack with adjustable straps for skateboard carrying.

The PUMA x SANTA CRUZ collection drops on PUMA.com, PUMA stores and select retailers on October 1st.  

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