Nike Re-Creation Collections Come to London and Paris

To serve the future of athletes and sport, Nike focuses on solutions that are better for athletes and better for the planet. With that intent in mind, this month Nike brings its Re-Creation program to London with a new, upcycled collection, created in collaboration with the London-based design project Greater Goods, founded by Jaimus Tailor.

The Nike Re-Creation program initiates a new circular business model close to — and designed for — the local athlete. While there is no single silver bullet solution in the fight against climate change, local collection, manufacturing and distribution hold the potential to help reduce carbon emissions. Leveraging circular design principles as a creative accelerant, Nike’s Re-Creation Program delivers on this promise threefold: with the locally collected obsolete product, that is then locally re-created into the wearable condition and locally distributed, combining creativity, innovation and the power of our circular vision, to serve city athletes.

Nike Re-Creation’s first chapter launched last May in Los Angeles, and two more successful L.A. chapters followed. Later this summer, a Re-Creation chapter will arrive in Paris featuring a collaboration with Parisian designer Sarah Moh.

The Nike Re-Creation program follows the Nike Grind, Nike Refurbished and Nike Recycling & Donation initiatives. Both programs furthering Nike’s innovative work toward creating a more circular future. 

Nike Re-Creation Collections Come to London and Paris

The Nike Re-Creation London collection will launch at NikeTown London. Later this month with a one-of-one capsule collection of 25 pieces, and a wider collection will follow.

Nike Re-Creation Collections Come to London and Paris

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