Man Utd x Originals Collection: A Tribute to the Terrace Culture

If you are a fan of Manchester United and the iconic terrace wear of the late 80s and early 90s, you will love the new Man Utd x Originals Collection. This collection is a collaboration between adidas and Manchester United that revisits popular pieces from adidas’ archive and recodes them into football culture today.

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

The collection is designed to capture the spirit of the ‘away day’. The unconditional devotion of the fans who travelled to follow the team during the notable 1988 – 1990 seasons. These were the seasons when Manchester United wore a legendary kit that became a symbol of their style and identity. The collection pays homage to this kit and its design DNA, while offering a fresh take on celebrated legacy pieces.

The Highlights of the Collection

The collection consists of nine pieces, including a hoodie, t-shirts, a bench jacket, and a third jersey. Of course, the hero of the collection is the Man Utd x Originals Third jersey. The Jersey is inspired by the same jersey worn by the team at that time. It features an engineered “MUFC” jacquard material and a ribbed collar with red and black detailing on the edges. Especially, the adidas Trefoil, the club’s crest and wider sponsor iconography of the time are all raised via a soft textured material applied onto the core fabric of the jersey. Additionally, the matching shorts have a ‘MUFC’ script on the side and come in a woven fabric to recreate the look and feel of those worn decades ago.

Another highlight of the collection is the Man Utd x Bench Jacket. As a result, this piece is inspired by the jacket worn by the manager as he coached from the touchlines. It is recreated as a modern shell jacket in a bold red, white and black colourway. The collection also includes a reinterpreted version of the off-pitch hoodie worn by the players, which has a similar colour scheme and features an oversized adidas Trefoil on the front.

How to Get Your Hands on the Collection

The collection is available online and in selected stores from May 15th. Furthermore, you can see an animated version of Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez sporting the new Man Utd x Originals third jersey on this month’s United We Stand fanzine cover.

The Man Utd x Originals Collection is a must-have for any Manchester United fan who appreciates the terrace culture and its influence on football fashion. Therefore, don’t miss this chance to own a piece of history and show your support for your favourite team.

Man Utd x Originals Collection: A Tribute to the Terrace Culture

Man Utd x Originals Collection: A Tribute to the Terrace Culture

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