Nike Dunk Low Setsubun

If you are looking for a way to celebrate health, wealth, and good fortune in the new year, you might want to learn more about the Setsubun Festival. This is a Japanese tradition that takes place on February 3rd, the day before the start of spring according to the lunar calendar. It is a time to cleanse away the evil spirits and welcome positive energy into your life.

One of the most popular activities during the Setsubun Festival is to throw roasted soybeans around your house or at someone wearing a demon mask. This is called mamemaki, which means “bean scattering”. Soybeans are believed to have the power to ward off evil and bring luck. You can also eat the soybeans, one for each year of your age plus one more for the coming year.

Nike Dunk Low Setsubun
Kanonji, Kagawa, Japan: Japanese man with traditional Oni masks in Japanese performing arts theatre costume.

Another way to enjoy the Setsubun Festival is to wear colorful clothes that represent the natural elements. For example, blue for water, green for wood, red for fire, yellow for earth, and white for metal. These colors are said to balance the energy in your body and harmonize with the environment.

The Nike Dunk Low “Setsubun”

If you are a fan of sneakers, you will be delighted to know that Nike made a special edition of the Dunk Low inspired by the Setsubun Festival. This shoe features a nubuck leather upper with a rich purple Swoosh that symbolizes prosperity and royalty. The shoe also has graphic icons and colorful tones that reflect the festive mood of the festival. For instance, there is a demon face on the heel, a soybean on the tongue, and a lantern on the insole. The shoe also comes with four sets of laces in different colors to match your outfit.

The “Setsubun” Dunk Low is a perfect way to celebrate the season of wellness and happiness. Whether you are throwing soybeans, wearing colorful clothes, or rocking these sneakers, you can join in the fun and tradition of the Setsubun Festival.

Nike Dunk Low Setsubun

Style Code : DQ5009-268

Available on April 11th at SNKRS .

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