If we wanted to define the 90s we would use expressions like pop culture, mainstream, boyband, but also neon colors, flashy patterns and eccentric graphics.

Fresh pack is an authentic tribute to those years, an explosion of colors and geometries synthesized in the iconic Mizuno models: Wave Rider and Sky Medal. These two timeless silhouettes are transformed, embracing the unmistakable pop aesthetic of the 1990s, neatly wrapped in two shoes.

Fresh pack represents the most exaggerated and amusing side of one of the most revolutionary and lasting times for its effects on culture, technology and globalization.

The collection is part of the Origami Pack, a line dedicated to the most exclusive and selected sneaker-stores in Europe.

You can find the Mizuno “Fresh Pack” exclusively at :

Mizuno Sky Medal “Fresh Pack”
Style Code:  D1GA192260
Color :
white / purple / yellow
Price : 150€

Mizuno Sky Medal “Fresh Pack”
Style Code:   D1GA192267
Color : white / purple / turquoise
Price : 150€

Mizuno Wave Rider 1 “Fresh Pack
Style Code: D1GA193337
Color : cyan / purple
Price : 160€

For more information, visit MZN Hellas SA, the official distributor for Greece & Cyprus.

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