13 years after its very first release, Mizuno is welcoming back a true and tested favourite Wave Rider 10, and does so in style, thanks to a special collaboration with cult Japanese sneaker heaven Beams. This release marks the third collaboration between Mizuno and the cult store, and is a celebration of Tokyo’s style, with military and outdoor undertones.

Japan is built on the constant juxtaposition between the respect for its past and its tradition, and the tireless yearning for technological advancement. Wave Rider 10 reflects this rare balance between embracing its heritage and striving towards a fresh perspective better than any other.

The Japanese soul of this creation is reflected in the way the heritage of the brand is infused with a modern aesthetic. Wave rider 10 was first released, in fact, in 2007, 10 years after the technology first appeared on the market, and it improved on the original thanks to a compound of shock absorbers, which guaranteed smooth transition in movement.

The all-over taupe with bright orange details offers a refined option and maintains a seemingly impossible balance between city sleek sophistication and an outdoorsy, military inspired vibe.

The military-grade nylon and leather inserts of the upper are rendered in off-tonal taupe, with the application of a rubber, see-through logo detail and bright orange details, BEAMS signature colour. Tubular laces, reminiscent of climbing rope, are available in two versions.

This style will be exclusively pre-released at the newly opened “BEAMS JAPAN KYOTO” on May 20th, and it will be available in all Kazoku stores across the world from May 23rd.

Kazoku stores Greece  :

Exclusive distribution for Greece & Cyprus: MZN HELLAS S.A Tsakalof 22, Kolonaki, Athens

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