Since the begining of the company – Freaker Sneaks – back in 2005 , U.K born artist Jonny Barry, driven by his obsession for sneaker has created unique , hand-painted masterieces . His latest creation is the Jordan IV “NES” edition and if you think it is just another regular custom work , you are wrong . Jumpman logos from the back are gone , and on the heel you will now find the D-pad and A-B buttons of the NES controller . Grey laces featuring “START” & “SELECT” buttons have replaced the original ones. On the tongue tabs you will now find the covers of 2 of the most iconic games of the console , Mario Bros & Duck Hunt . Needless to say , the buttons come from official NES controllers .  And if these weren’t enough for a limited edition , Jonny made only 10 pairs .

Photos by : Freaker Sneaks

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