Sports company PUMA brings newness this season with OP-1 PWRFrame, an innovative style fusing street and vis-tech, standing out with a progressive design and futuristic feel. With new and exciting drops every month, the PWRFrame franchise will surely captivate every sneakerhead’s eyes.

The OP-1 PWRFrame emphasizes pure functionality through an almost simplistic approach, taking architectural structures as a basis behind the design inspiration, while simultaneously creating a bold look through the overall silhouette. 

“The design emphasizes functionality through a collage of contrasting construction techniques and manufacturing processes,” says Danny Taylor, Lead Sportstyle Designer for PUMA. “The PWRFrame component defines the overall vibrant look and shape of the shoe. It splices through the two-part midsole and loops around the heel, giving the design its unique aesthetic and DNA, while still retaining enough simplicity to communicate its functionality.”

The OP-1 PWRFrame plays with a contemporary and clean design. The upper contrasts more technical processes, like bonding and embroidery, with traditional overlay elements for a streetwear-focused design. Neon accents on the PWRFrame component appear throughout all the OP-1 PWRFrame styles to draw attention to this new tech. It features a continuous ring of support from heel to midfoot – providing optimal comfort. Serving as the connecting structure between specific points on the shoe that require stability, the aesthetic of this element represents a more industrial approach. 

The style will debut in May and be followed by a series of additional colorways throughout the summer. Step into the future with OP-1 PWRFrame when it drops on, PUMA stores, and select retailers on May 15th. 

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