Converse celebrates the street-inspired work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The collaboration translates some of his most influential pieces to the canvasses of Converse classics.

Converse x Basquiat Chuck 70

This premium Chuck 70 features the “Kings of Egypt III. The design uses a digital print and embroidery details to recreate the artwork, which features signature Basquiat elements like the abstract face, cryptic type and crown motif. Suede overlays and a tonal patch elevate the look but keep the focus on the art.

Converse x Basquiat Skidgrip

The “Kings of Egypt II” is also featured on the Skidgrip. The explosion of abstract text and distorted iconography pops off the archival canvas, creating a vibrant visual language that’s influenced by Egyptian history but firmly rooted in street culture.

Converse x Basquiat Chuck Taylor All Star

The instantly recognizable dinosaur and crown imagery of Jean-Michel Basquiat’sPez Dispenser” translated on classic Chucks. The artwork’s instantly recognizable dinosaur and crown visual is adhered to clean black canvas through stitched-down applique.

The Converse x Basquiat Collection also includes the Pez Dispenser Tshirt in black and white, the Basquiat Crown Fleece Crew in black as well as the Basquiat Kings Of Egypt Tshirt in black.

The Converse x Basquiat Collection is available at :

Distribution :  SPORT AND FASHION FREEDOM 2120003710

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