adidas is commemorating the 30th birthday of EQUIPMENT.

To celebrate the occasion, adidas will be re-issuing OG versions of three fan-favorite models that represent the technologies and ideologies of adidas EQUIPMENT, plus one new retro style, the adidas EQUIPMENT Prototype. A fresh addition to the adidas EQUIPMENT range, the 2021 adidas EQUIPMENT Prototype takes its inspiration from a 1993 racing sample. This never-before-seen silhouette finally sees the light of day after remaining under wraps for nearly three decades. Joining the adidas EQUIPMENT Prototype are three foundational adidas EQUIPMENT styles, the adidas EQUIPMENT Running 93, adidas EQUIPMENT CSG 91, and adidas EQUIPMENT Race Walk.

The Running 93, CSG 91, Race Walk, and Prototype are all faithfully rendered in adidas EQUIPMENT’s understated color palette of white, black, and grey, punctuated with the collection’s signature green hue.

“Equipment is a no bullshitword, you don’t have a piece of equipment to have fun with, you have a piece of equipment to make you better.”Peter Moore

To fully experience the 30th anniversary of adidas Equipment, visit

The four adidas Originals Equipment styles launch globally on November 3rd at 10 AM CET and is available via, Confirmed, and select retailers.

Availability begins November 3rd, 2021.

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