A$AP Rocky x PUMA Footwear & Accessories Collection

A Glamorous Debut at Paris Fashion Week

A$AP Rocky unveiled his highly anticipated AWGE collection at the luxurious Hotel de Maison during Paris Fashion Week. This grand event showcased not only the unique AWGE pieces but also highlighted the newly released and upcoming footwear and accessories from the A$AP Rocky x PUMA collaboration. Attendees were treated to a stunning display of fashion-forward styles that seamlessly blend Rocky’s distinctive aesthetic with PUMA’s innovative designs.

A$AP Rocky x PUMA Footwear & Accessories Collection, Sneakerize.gr

Reviving Classics: The OG Inhale and Speedcat

A standout on the AWGE runway was the limited re-issue of the OG Inhale shoe from 2000, revived in a vibrant summer-melon high-risk red. This re-issue, hand-picked by Rocky from the PUMA Archive, also promises a variety of new colors for the fall season. These styles will feature custom embroidery, distressed hand-buffed details on the upper and midsole, and frayed edges, adding a touch of uniqueness to each pair. Additionally, the classic PUMA Speedcat, available in both black and red, made a striking appearance. This shoe, fusing racing heritage with modern innovation, is already available for purchase on PUMA.com.

The Return of the Iconic Mostro

The AWGE show also celebrated the return of the Mostro and the introduction of the Mostro 3.D sneakers. First presented at The Amazing Mostro Show by PUMA at NYFW this February, the Mostro is a groundbreaking silhouette from 1999, revered for its bold and unconventional design. The runway-exclusive Mostro 3.D is an evolution of this aesthetic, representing PUMA’s first foray into fully 3D-printed footwear. Featuring a signature spiked sole design, both the black and white perforated Mostro and the 3.D style emphasize Rocky’s flair for the interesting and unconventional.

A$AP Rocky x PUMA Footwear & Accessories Collection, Sneakerize.gr

Upcoming Releases to Watch

Excitement continues to build as the black and white Mostro sneakers prepare for their launch on July 13, followed by Rocky’s Inhale and Mostro 3.D styles in September. With more details to come, fans eagerly await the opportunity to own a piece of this groundbreaking collaboration. The A$AP Rocky x PUMA collection perfectly captures the fusion of innovative design and street-smart style, promising to make a significant impact on the fashion scene.

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A$AP Rocky x PUMA Footwear & Accessories Collection

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