Song For The Mute x Adidas Shadowturf

On Thursday, June 20th, the highly anticipated re-release of the ‘Honeycomb’ colorway from the Song for the Mute x adidas ‘SFTM-001’ collaboration hits the global stage. This exciting drop brings back a fan-favorite with a modern twist. Alongside this nostalgic gem, a brand-new colorway, ‘Triple Black’, makes its debut. The third collection from Song for the Mute and adidas perfectly blends nostalgia with contemporary flair, creating a buzz among sneaker enthusiasts.

Reviving the ‘Honeycomb’ Classic

Inspired by the organic color palette and unique textures of Song for the Mute’s mainline collections, the ‘SFTM-001’ Shadowturf in ‘Honeycomb’ is back. This re-release celebrates the success of the debut collaboration, reflecting the brand’s innovative spirit. The ‘Honeycomb’ Shadowturf showcases a harmonious blend of muted tones and contrasting elements, offering a timeless appeal. This colorway’s return is set to captivate those who missed out the first time and re-engage loyal fans.

Introducing ‘Triple Black’: A Bold New Entry

The new ‘Triple Black’ colorway of the Shadowturf style makes a striking entrance. Retaining original features like the tonal upper mesh detailing, contrasting three-stripes, and reflective elements, it exudes an edgy, distressed look. Signature zig-zag stitching and collaborative handwritten branding enhance its unique aesthetic. This design deepens Song for the Mute’s exploration of the Shadowturf silhouette, merging rugged charm with sophisticated style.

Capturing the Essence: Behind the Campaign

The campaign, shot by photographer Atsushi ‘Jima’ Nishijima and styled by Stephen Mann, captures the essence of the collection with an off-kilter energy. Their organic approach to image-making highlights unscripted moments, bringing a raw, authentic vibe to the visuals. This creative duo’s work underscores the beauty of spontaneity, perfectly aligning with the collection’s blend of the old and new.

Both the ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Triple Black’ Shadowturf sneakers will be available in-store and online at starting June 20th, 2024. Global stock

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Song For The Mute x Adidas Shadowturf

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