The Hundreds x UNO

On Friday, December 4, The Hundreds is teaming up with UNO to unveil the world’s number one card game as you’ve never seen it before. The Hundreds X UNO is a brand new spin on a classic, celebrating the rich history of the family card game as well as its beautiful simplicity.

UNO is a game for everyone – it transcends languages, cultures, and ages — matching colors and numbers until you’re the first to run out of cards. With an accessible price point, UNO is a game that deals everyone a hand, making it a household staple around the world.

The collection includes an exclusive UNO deck, designed by The Hundreds and inspired by our CMYK design roots. The traditional red, blue, green, and yellow colors are replaced with vivid cyan, yellow, and magenta colors that contrast strikingly against the deep black backdrop featured on the cards and the package they’re housed in. The Hundreds’ mascot Adam Bomb appears on numbered cards while the Solid Bombs show up on Draw 2 cards, the Slant Logo on Skip cards, and the Wildfire Flag on Reverse cards.

UNO is quickly approaching its 50th anniversary in 2021, and this collaboration with The Hundreds is one of the first projects of its kind for the brand. To celebrate the momentous occasion, the capsule will also include UNO themed T-shirts, Pullover Hoodies, and a Snapback Hat.

Get The Hundreds X UNO collection through The Hundreds App and Online Shop at Midnight EST on Friday, December 4, as well as The Hundreds Los Angeles at 501 N Fairfax. You can also find The Hundreds UNO deck on

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