APESHIT Expresses wild excitement or anger — usually used with “go.”

Beyonce and Jay Z starting summer off with the release of their new album Everything Is Love and the APESHIT video at once. Surprisingly, as fans have been asking for a full lenght cooperative album from the couple for some time.

On “APESHIT,” (Dir. Ricky Saiz) JAY and Beyoncé flex about their luxurious lifestyles an emphasizing that they are on the top of the music game. The couple is being portrayed in “Le Musée du Louvre” in Paris flexing and acting like they’re in the comfort of their own home…which is pretty self explanatory on the living lavish part, since they can afford to do that.


The Carters ~ Apeshit in front of Mona Lisa


Queen B and Jay are running the show and they look close to each other. We get glimpses of the widely known art pieces like Mona Lisa and her mysterious smirk/smile. I think her expression somehow resembles Bey. Also notable is the Portrait of a black oman (Negress), Venus De Milo and the list goes on. The video might have some innuendos but we can never know. It’s better not to start unimportant speculations.


40 Acres and a mule ?



Released by Roc Nation, produced by Pharell Williams and co-produced by The Carters features Ad Lib from Migos as we listen carefully in the background.

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