This holiday, the iconic Air Force 1 receives new seasonal treatments that bring fresh dimension to the silhouette’s distinct features.

Each of these is led from a female perspective, building from the strength of the 1s Reimagined and extending belief in continually shifting the paradigm of what it means to celebrate Nike classics.

“We know women are infinitely diverse. They want something unique, and they want to use sneakers as an expression of themselves and their wardrobes. They also have deep respect and love for the icon,” says Georgina James, Senior Creative Director, Nike Women’s Footwear. Air Force 1 Shadow is a great example of how we channel desire and create new expressions through silhouette, shape and details, something unique but still familiar each season.”

Inspiration for the Shadow, which is characterized by double design details and layered pieces, comes from thinking about women who are setting examples in their communities as forces of change. It’s about boldly pushing the foundational elements of excellence and distinction to the forefront — an elegant overemphasis.

This notion is continued through functional design choices too: A slightly higher mid-sole providing a modern lift and core-outed outsole making the shoe lighter and more comfortable.

The Shadow launches October 3, and is augmented by the debut of two additional women’s Air Force 1s.

First is the AF1 Shell, a style predicated on lightweight protection from seasonal elements. The design comes from a staple hard shell jacket (in laymen’s terms: a water-resistant hooded jacket) and incorporates cording details that allow for an adjustable shape. A DWR spray helps repel damp and cold — a final flourish for a shoe built to provide a versatile look in winter weather. The AF1 Shell launches November 1.

Second, the AF1 Reflective mixes pebbled leather with 3M to create visibility in low winter light. The shoe launches December 1.

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