Refresh Your Style with the Jarritos Nike SB Dunk Low. Jarritos is the official drink of tacos, and it has a colorful history that dates back to 1950. In this blog post, we will explore the origins and flavors of this popular beverage, and how it inspired the Nike SB Dunk Low shoes that are available on 10/05 at 10:00.

Francisco Hill, a Mexican entrepreneur, created Jarritos to offer a different soda from the American-style colas. He started with a coffee-flavored drink in glass jars shaped like “jarritos“. Meanwhile, he invented a new process to make the world’s first tamarind soda, which became popular. He continued to experiment with more fruit flavors, especially native to Mexico, using natural extracts and sugars. Jarritos expanded to 80 percent of Mexico’s states and then to the United States, where it gained a loyal following. Today, Jarritos has 15 flavors and a distinctive bottle design that reflects its heritage and personality. Jarritos is a cultural icon that celebrates Mexico’s diversity and creativity.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Jarritos

The latest example of Jarritos’s influence is the Nike SB Dunk Low, inspired by the soda’s history and style. These shoes feature a customizable design that draws from the original canvas bags used to gather fruit for drink flavoring in Mexico. They also have citrusy colors and insole illustrations that pay homage to the iconic “Little Jugs” logo. Additionally, the logo itself is prominently displayed on the tongue label, so you can proudly show your love for Jarritos. The shoes also have a tearaway canvas overlay that reveals hits of safety orange as you skate, representing your passion and energy.

The Nike SB Dunk Low shoes are a perfect match for Jarritos, as they both capture the essence of Mexico’s natural flavor and sabor. If you want to get your hands on these shoes, make sure to mark your calendar for 10/05 at 10:00, when they will be available online and in select stores. And don’t forget to grab a bottle of Jarritos to enjoy with your tacos or any other dish.

Refresh Your Style with the Jarritos Nike SB Dunk Low

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