The 1990 was an era of unrivalled change. Heralded by the rising popularity of digital giants Apple and Nintendo., the pioneering generation explored worlds never seen before. To pay homage, Reebok Classic brings this attitude to life for today’s youth. 8 bit pixilation transitions through to high definition in a bold kaleidoscope of colors. Brave. Unapologetic. Reebok Classic reboot the 1990s for today!

We’re in the midst of a 1990s-sneaker aesthetic revival. So, Reebok Classic presents an unsung hero of ’90s sneakers this year. The most formidable runner in Reebok’s back catalogue, taken straight from the archives. Reintroducing the Reebok Aztrek!

Unchanged since its original release, the Aztrek is an authentic running shoe, but rebooted for the retro-inspired, contemporary street-style look of today. The sneaker features the great Hexalite technology, one of Reebok’s pioneering tech innovations from the era, whilst emphasising the spirit of the ‘90s through the use of bold graphic elements.

Style Code : DV4276
Color : White / Stellar Pink / Gold

Retailing at 89,95€ , you can find the new Reebok Aztrek at Sneaker Cage.

Via 43einhalb

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