In honor of the LGBTQ+ community and Pride Month this June, Reebok is proud to announce its all-new “All Types of Love” collection and “Proud Notes” campaign, highlighting activists and influencers in the LGTBQ+ community who are fighting for equality every day. The campaign provides a platform for authentic, passionate individuals to share their unique stories and journeys as they are celebrated through “Proud Notes” written by loved ones.

The “Proud Notes” campaign is positioned as a love letter to friends and family in the LGBTQ+ community, celebrating the many ways to love and to be loved, with messages of acceptance and appreciation. Together, the “All Types of Love” collection and “Proud Notes” campaign acknowledge the progress that has been made while offering encouraging messages for the hurdles that may come in the future.

As depicted through a heartwarming film “the Proud Notes” campaign highlights the stories of five people lighting the way for other trailblazers in the LGTBQ+ community. In the film, Twiggy, Dylan, Nali, Wazina and June, share intimate letters of support addressed to them from loved ones.

Each individual is styled in the “All Types of Love” collection, which offers a spectrum of colorways for everyone, as folks choose to express their support and Pride in different ways. Reflected across footwear icons including Classic Leather, Club C 85, Zig Kinetica, Nano X, Forever Floatride Energy, and Instapump Fury, as well as a full range of apparel and accessories, the “All Types of Love” collection enables wearers to showcase their style of Pride however they/he/she sees fit.

Known for transcending generations, genres and subcultures, Reebok has always celebrated inclusivity, continually pushing boundaries and redefining norms. In support of the “Proud Notes” campaign and “All Types of Love” launch, Reebok is also donating $75K to It Gets Better Project, an LGTBQ+ outreach program that uplifts, empowers, and connects LGBTQ+ youth around the world.

“With a lifelong mission of transforming the lives of others through fitness and wellness, we pride ourselves on celebrating and promoting the figures of this generation who are making the world a more inclusive and welcoming place,” said Matt Blonder, VP, Digital Brand Commerce at Reebok. “Inclusivity is at the core of Reebok’s ethos, and we are so proud to shine a light on individuals who are continuing to push boundaries with bold creativity, fearless passion and unique perspectives.”

Reebok encourages you to visit to learn more about LGTBQ+ activists who are fighting for the freedom to love. The Reebok ‘All Types of Love’ collection is set for release on May 18 on

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