Having first announced their landmark partnership in August 2019, adidas and Ninja have come together to launch their inaugural collaborative product– the ‘Time In’ Nite Jogger. Recognized as the first of its kind, the partnership serves as a statement of intent from both parties, uniting two icons from the worlds of sportswear and gaming in order to highlight the latter’s impact on culture today. The adidas and Ninja collaborative endeavor is an industry-leading co-creation project, elevating the traditional notions of collaboration.

Firmly acknowledged as a global titan both within his industry and in the wider pop-culture landscape, Ninja has changed the perception of gaming through unending dedication and a tireless work ethic. Speaking on the collaboration, Ninja explains his excitement, “I’m beyond thrilled and humbled to finally show the world what I’ve been working on with adidas. The ‘Time In’ Nite Jogger represents the culmination of countless hours dedicated to my craft paying off”.

Time In’ is a platform built by adidas and Ninja to celebrate the hours spent by creators around the world honing and developing their skills. Standing proud as the uniting narrative that ties creators together under the adidas brand, the platform is about investing in your dream and champions the notion that the work it takes to be ready for your moment happens long before that moment appears. Outlining the significance of ‘Time In’, Ninja highlights his background, “If a kid from Chicago who just loves playing video games can collaborate with one of the sporting world’s most iconic brands to launch a shoe together, anything is truly possible. It’s through this philosophy that I hope I can help inspire the next generation of creators to realize their dreams– if you’re willing to put the TIME IN you can achieve anything”. 

First debuted in 1980, today’s Nite Jogger silhouette harnesses the reflective technology of its past iteration in order to propel creators who know it’s never too late to pursue their vision. Made up in Ninja’s signature colors, blue and yellow, the ‘Time In’ Nite Jogger seamlessly merges adidas’ sportswear expertise with the unique flair of the world’s most recognizable gamer.   

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