Hajime Sorayama has become a legend in Japan and overseas for his portrayals of feminized, biomechanoid robots, as well as his design art pieces. Sorayama’s designs are a blend of fine art, illustration, and industrial design. His unique style of “superrealism” aims to find beauty in both the human body and the machine. Sorayama’s work with both the art world and a selection of fashion juggernauts has gained him a cult following among the most fashion forward – as evidenced by the incredible success of his first collaboration in February 2021 with Mizuno.


Gleaming in capital on-the-verge-of-melting metal is central to Hajime Sorayama’s aesthetic, along with sleek curves and sinuous lines. These components lend themselves particularly well to the Wave Prophecy 10 and its sleek, starkly modern appearance. This new drop retains the foundation of the collaboration, while the robot-like silver coloring is stripped back to make way for an alluring all-black approach.


Wave Prophecy is without any doubt one of the most futuristic-looking shoes ever created. This newest Sorayama collaboration has been designed to celebrate the 10th generation of WAVE PROPHECY with INFINITY WAVE, which brings together Mizuno’s structural technology and is evolving in its own unique way. The sole is structured to make it lighter and more flexible. The sole unit features a silver top wave and a tire patterned outsole. The midsole is constructed by incorporating translucent, unique sole parts. Metal mesh and MIZUNO branding can be seen peeking out from the bottom. The shoes come in a silver shoebox with a black co-branded toggle lock shoe bag. Nods to Hajime’s signature sexy robots aren’t lost with the inverted coloring, as the metallic wrapped base midsection and reflective detailing remain.

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