With a new year comes a new push on the lifestyle front from the Three Stripes, and the first fresh silhouette they’re bringing to market in 2019 is the adidas LXCON, a retro runner-meets-lifestyle design with a healthy dose of high fashion flair.

jonah hill sneakerize adidas lxcon
Jonah Hill in his adidas LXCON – DB3528

First spotted on the feet of beloved style maven and actor/director Jonah Hill last year, the LXCON’s shape is inspired by a heritage Trefoil Brand runner from 1994, and has arrived in a duo of retro colors: a striking “Clear Brown” with ’90s-style purple, teal, and red accents, plus a timeless “Cloud White” with simple-yet-effective pops of blue and black.

adidas LXCON

There’s plenty of interesting little details here too: the midfoot’s fabric Three Stripes graphic combines with plastic piping to serve double duty as both an embellishment and part of the lacing system, while a high-profile midsole ensures that the LXCON has just enough substance. Adiprene cushioning is then used to ensure exemplary comfort.

Retailing at 119,95€ , you can find the Adidas LXCON “Cloud White” at Sneakercage.gr .

Via Sneakernews

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